Sina Auto Interview with Javier Varela, Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of Volvo Car

On the evening of September 5th in Munich, AutoVision China made its debut at the IAA 2023 Munich International Motor Show, presenting the Chinese Automotive Annual Brand Award and Overall Award. During the event, Sina Auto conducted an interview with the attendees to share perspectives and opinions. Below is the transcript of the interview between Sina Auto and Javier Varela.

Javier Varela
Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President, Volvo Cars

Q: Today, receiving an international award, as a representative of Volvo, what are your thoughts?

A: Today, to receive such an honor, both my colleagues and I at Volvo feel deeply proud. This award is not only a recognition of creativity but also an acknowledgment of Volvo's consistent pursuit of safety by our colleagues.

Q: As a renowned luxury carmaker amid the massive changes in the new energy vehicle landscape, what traditions and innovations can we expect from Volvo in both product and marketing domains?

A: We take great pride in our brand's focus on safety and innovation. Volvo's research and development have three main pillars. First is safety, second is sustainability, and third is people-centric technology. Everything we do is to assist and provide help to people.

In terms of safety, as demonstrated in our award-winning short film "Rebirth," safety technology can save lives. We are fully committed to this aspect. Volvo was founded 96 years ago by our predecessors, and we have always been pioneers in safety. The three-point safety belt is a great example; to date, it has saved over a million lives. Now, we are dedicated to developing new sensing technologies and central processing technologies. We have valuable experience in protecting both car owners and pedestrians, and we aim to further advance in this area.

Regarding sustainability, we are researching new materials and working with suppliers to explore new production methods and processes to protect our Earth, its inhabitants, and everything we cherish.

When it comes to people-centric technology, we don't develop new technology for the sake of it. Instead, we focus on developing technology that serves people, aiming to make life more convenient and enjoyable.