The Auto Industry: Unprecedented Transformation, Collective Innovation

On the evening of September 5th in Munich, AutoVision China made its appearance at the IAA 2023 Munich International Motor Show, presenting the Chinese Automotive Annual Brand Awards and Overall Awards. Manager Heikman from the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA) IAA Mobility attended the AutoVision Award ceremony and delivered a speech. The following is the transcript of his speech.

Heikman, IAA Mobility Manager
Manager Heikman, IAA Mobility Manager, German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA)

Presenting the 2023 AutoVision Awards at the 2023 IAA Mobility is indeed a harmonious combination. The AutoVision Awards commend excellence in corporate promotional videos, commercial advertisements, television commercials, websites, online interactive media, and multimedia. In other words, they showcase the passion for innovation in the automotive industry, especially in the realm of new innovations in the field of mobile travel. This aligns perfectly with the goals of the IAA Mobility. These works are exciting, creative, and seamlessly integrated with IAA Mobility, which serves as a leading platform for showcasing global trends in mobile travel, technology, and sustainable development. It demonstrates how environmental protection and resource conservation can be achieved through digitization and sustainable travel.

IAA Mobility is also a celebration of innovation. The automotive industry is facing unprecedented changes, and no one can navigate this alone. All stakeholders converge at IAA, including major car manufacturers, automotive suppliers, urban planners, energy suppliers, tech giants, start-ups, and various travel service providers. They gather here to reflect the diverse and varied needs of travel, requiring a multitude of solutions. In this regard, our goals align with those of the AutoVision Awards—to collectively drive the development of the mobile travel industry.

Passion and innovation are synonymous with the automotive industry. We firmly believe that automobiles will remain an indispensable pillar of mobile travel.